Brand Transformation

Truly building and optimizing a brand involves considering the total experience. Whilst it’s important to make each part of a consumer's journey with you easy, functional and intuitive, that’s table stakes. The real value is in making the steps in that journey enhanced, delightful, respectful, helpful, consistent, different - even extraordinary


Communications is a critical component, but it’s not the whole picture. To make sure the total experience is considered, Experience Design is at the heart of Theewra’s offering. We take into account every interaction -- internal, external, public, private -- across the brand and with all audiences in mind. So whether it’s an app, a digital experience, the way employees speak and interact, the way the brand’s identity comes to life, or the social profile and it’s channels, we consider how they all work together, how they add value, and how they leave a positive lasting impression.

Step 1

Experience Mapping

How consumers experience your brand

Step 2

Creative Technology & Development

Experience your brand in digital environments

Step 3

Physical Experiences

Engage beyond the screens

Experience Mapping

We start with the consumer, examining how they experience the brand, what their expectations are, what they are feeling and doing. We then layer on the business view, identifying where there might be opportunities to optimize, expand or create space for growth. This is all underpinned with data which enables us to quantify the opportunities and prioritise accordingly.

Creative Technology & Development

The greatest opportunities for innovation are often in how your brand is experienced in digital environments. From search, to the brand’s owned channels, in apps, to how the brand is extended into your target’s social feed and through advertising.

Physical Experiences

No matter the brand, there is almost always a way for it to be experienced in real life. When it makes sense, we look for unique ways to engage beyond the screens, so that people can see, feel and experience your brand in new ways.

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