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A new brand identity for Techno Forms

How do you make a company that imports and distributes computer accessories look less technical and more unique? How do you make their customers see them as less basic and more fun? No better way than to transform their logo into exactly that!

Whether you see it as a Google search result online, on a company document, or product- the first image customers engage with is the company logo. When designing the Techno Forms logo, we selected a color that was warm and inviting but made sure that the font was not a style that was too basic and straightforward. The style and the simple letters interrupted conventional text types giving Techno forms an interesting twist to better engage customer interest. The logo was designed to present a friendly and approachable vibe, while also looking modern and tech-friendly. The designing ensured that the logo was bold, fun, and unique and would stand out on any accessories or items it was stamped on.

New Logo - Techno Forms


New brand collateral

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