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Ovation 2017 - Slow Motion Video Booth

Toastmasters International - Ovation 2017 - Theewra "Official Party Starter" Slow Motion Video Booth

Life’s Too Short. We introduced our "Official Party Starter" to Toastmasters International in 2017 at their District Conference. A lot of them didn't know what they were getting into, but the Night took a turn. Have a look at the highlights. Contact us if you need the "Official Party Starter" at your event too.


Toastmasters International

District Director: Zameen M Saleem, DTM

Conference Chairman: Yusuf Jeevunjee, DTM

Theewra Worldwide

Creative Director: Nuwan Wijesinghe

Art Director: Sanduni Basnayake

Integrated Production: Banura Sooriyapperuma


Production Company: Theewra Worldwide

Director: Dilanjan Seneviratne

Editor: Chandula Kumarage

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